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Helping female tech founders succeed.

Our offering to female founders

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We understand the challenges female founders encounter when trying to bring your innovative ideas to market.

Our research-backed programmes will help founders navigate the issues unique to women and enable you to create a business that investors -- and customers -- can't ignore.

Join our growing community of female tech founders, industry experts and investors as we help women break through the barriers to business success. ​

Kristen’s hard work, energy and commitment to scientifically-backed and data-driven research expertise brings an invaluable asset to the accelerator. Her carefully chosen experts and well-designed programme have been hugely impactful for all of us. She’s built a community and I certainly hope she knows the kind of power this has when it comes to belonging, which often is something we all lack in the early days of building a startup. 

Stiliyana Minkovska, Matrix


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Evaluation Report

Evidence is at the heart of everything we do at Breakthrough Labs, and this report includes the evidence that our accelerator works for female founders. 

Read the report to learn about the impact our accelerator had for female founders, what we learned about running an accelerator and the changes we are planning for next time.

Meet our companies

Breakthrough Labs' most recent accelerator cohort included these exciting, female-founded start-ups from the edtech, legaltech, securitytech, healthtech and retail sectors. 
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