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Where to begin?! I'm CEO and a founding member of Inferential, a start-up company which aims to use existing wearable tech, user input and AI with a set of clinically validated data to help identify and manage menopause symptoms. Our ambition and USP is to integrate the service with the NHS to enable more democratic access to real-world help such as HRT and medical practitioners. We're not just another identify-and-advise service! The main problem we have is a distinct lack of funding. All of my team have other full-time jobs to enable us to pay our mortgages. Some of us also juggle family commitments. While our hearts are willing and we can see the real difference that our service would make to women across the UK, it is a struggle to concentrate our efforts for long enough to get in front of potential investors. And I suspect many of us will be in a similar boat. Aside from work, I co-own a Heron dingy which I sail when the weather is good. I like the idea of staying active more than the actuality of it, and I am currently obsessed with Hotel Chocolat's Dark Almonds. They are seriously tasty. I love learning languages and am competently incompressible in several, although bizarrely I can speak Swedish to a reasonable level. I enjoy non-fiction books and read across many topics - I am definitely someone who is interested in things (or nosy?) and often go off on some tangential research to increase my own understanding of an issue. I'm here to make connections, do a little networking, learn some start-up hacks and plug some gaps in my knowledge.


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