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Fractional chief of staff
Fractional chief of staff

Are you an early stage start-up founder looking for the RIGHT person who can lend you an extra HAND? We are the RIGHT HAND woman that you are looking for! We are a mix-your-own cocktail strategy consulting firm, focusing not just in the theoretical strategic aspect, but also in tactical project delivery, analytical data insights and practical implementation of proven frameworks, methodologies and best practices used in McKinsey, Unicorn tech companies, and Agile startups. Amplify your start-up's capability with us!

  • 10 hours/week Package: Get 2 more hours of sleep per day, family time or simply chilling on your couch, knowing that ad-hoc, crucial, urgent tasks are in the right hands. Sample works: Fundraising slides, Product management, Business analysis, Operational improvements

  • 20 hours/week Package: Get the peace of mind knowing that "that project that has been at the back of your mind for ages" will finally get done. Sample works: Build performance management dashboard, user behaviour analysis, go-to-market playbook, Product vision & strategy

  • 30 hours/week Package: Your company needs more manpower, but you don't have a budget yet to hire 1 Product Manager + 1 Data Analyst + 1 Strategist. Area of expertise: Strategy & Insights, Prioritisation & Execution, Operational Excellence, Project/Change Management


"Her versatility and innovative perspective were truly impressive. I highly recommend her due to her speed, adaptability, and lasting impact on our team." -- Johan, CEO of

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