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Beyond 49

Beyond 49 offers individual performance coaching and team coaching, helping you to optimise your potential. Using Hintsa methodology which has been successful in F1 motor racing, elite executives and the executive boardroom we make this more accessible and affordable to new start-ups, in particular female founders. As a founder, I understand the roller coaster journey of an entrepreneur which often means we focus our priority on our business over our own health and wellbeing. But it doesn't have to be this way and I can help you avoid these mistakes. As a Working Genius facilitator I can help you maximise your working geniuses and ensure that your teams are highly productive and more cohesive. 


Purpose & Manifesto: A 3-hour workshop to identify your inner motivation, enabling you to set clear achievable and sustainable goals aligned to your purpose and values. This new and improved clarity can be transformational in helping you navigate new paths and challenges. Using your  complimentary wellbeing report we create a manifesto to optimise your environment and improve performance.

Awaken Your Potential: Personalised on-line performance coaching which helps to develop self-awareness and understand our behaviours to improve our  performance.  Hintsa Methodology is centred around your core values and the pillars of health & wellbeing.  Through this process you will change and evolve, become more centred and awaken your potential.

Six Types of Working Genius: Discover the gifts you bring to work. Established in 2020 by Patrick Lencioni from the Table Group, an organisation dedicated to improving organisational health.  On an individual level the WG framework enables you to be more self aware and utilise your geniuses. For teams, this model improves team cohesion, performance and promotes a team culture of appreciation. In today's culture of work, organisational health and wellbeing can no longer be       ignored.  As a start-up taking the important steps to create happy and productive teams can be a game changer to your success.


A recent testimonial highlights how we can transform teams: 

"I would highly recommend leveraging the Six Types of Working Genius assessment which can deliver great outcomes, particularly for start-ups. The results- play to each team member's strengths and creates a collaborative and productive business environment, changing how work is done. With Lisa's insightful guidance, passion and expertise we have transformed our team and the way we get work done."

Asam Rafi, CCO & Co-founder.

Email me at quoting promo code BTL2024 to access preferential discounts and offers.
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