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Simplifying finance for founders
The Financial Confidence Co.
Simplifying finance for founders

Do you find that a lack of financial knowledge is holding you back or is limiting the success of your business? We make finance simple to understand for leaders in business from non-financial backgrounds, through affordable online courses, workshops and coaching. We have both found that many people we have coached over the years struggle with finance and seen how that lack of knowledge often has serious consequences for their business. This is why we have decided to help founders like you make sense of finance so that you can confidently pitch for funds with a successful outcome.


Online courses (self paced learning), Workshops (group learning) and Coaching (one to one)


‘Delivered in a calm and engaging style, these are some of the clearest explanations of financial concepts and jargon that I have seen.’

Alan Cook, Vistage Group Chair

‘As an entrepreneur, I’ve learnt how important it is to be comfortable around financial concepts and jargon. If you want to build confidence around finance and get more out of your accountant and finance team, then I really recommend Marie and Carl’s friendly and straightforward style.’

Jayson Jaurigue, CEO at 8Ray Group


To find out more, please email us at quoting BTL.

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