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Celebrating a Major Milestone

June 1st marked a significant milestone for us at Breakthrough Labs as we closed our waitlist, welcoming 88 remarkable female founders into our community. Our focus now is on understanding these founders, their businesses, and their unique needs to customize our content and programs to support them effectively.


This week, we integrated these founders into our community platform, witnessing the fruition of our dedicated efforts. Throughout June, we will concentrate on onboarding and creating opportunities for founders to connect and collaborate, fostering a true sense of community.


The Journey Here: Driven by Research and Dedication


Our journey to this point, though challenging, has been underpinned by extensive research and a commitment to understanding the needs of female founders. Here’s a glimpse into the research that has shaped our approach:


  • 2023 Survey: We conducted a survey asking female founders about their experiences with online communities.

  • 2024 Survey: Another survey focused on gathering feedback about features we were proposing for the Breakthrough Labs online community.

  • Advisor Insights: We surveyed female founders who have previously worked with advisors or advisory boards to understand the most effective collaboration styles.

  • Continuous Engagement: Through numerous questions in WhatsApp founder groups and extensive desk research, we explored which online community platform would be most suitable. Ultimately, on the advice of a trusted supplier, we decided to build our community on our existing web platform to monitor and refine its functionality.

  • Engaging with Our Founders:  Upon finalizing our waitlist, we initiated conversations with these founders about their businesses, challenges, priorities, and needs for service providers and advisors. This interaction ensures that our community is shaped by and for its members.


Our Commitment to Empowering Women in Business

 Everything we do at Breakthrough Labs is centered around our members. Our goal is to bring more women-founded businesses to market, secure funding for female entrepreneurs, and introduce greater balance to the marketplace.


We are on a mission to change the world together. If you are interested in getting involved or supporting our community, please reach out to us at

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