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Digital Engineering Specialists
Digital Engineering Specialists

As digital engineering specialists, Axioned crafts, launches, and refines digital user experiences, bringing new ideas and businesses to life while nurturing the growth of others. Founded in 2008, we leverage advanced technologies, including AI, to deliver high-quality solutions for clients in e-commerce, education, media and entertainment, healthcare/pharma, agencies and marketing, and custom B2B applications. Our approach emphasizes an iterative, “test and learn” methodology, prioritizing data-driven insights, user feedback, and continuous improvement.


• Web design and development • Custom application (tech-product) design and development • AI-assisted business applications • Data analytics and insights (user/event tracking) • Maintenance and support services • Content management system (CMS) stand-up, integration, migration or enhancement - Ongoing maintenance and enhancement support (for a web-based platform or website): Starting at 5K USD/month (min. 3m engagement). Will often allow for fractional Axioned team members across various skill-sets: UX/UI, development, testing, project management.

- Custom application design and development: Starting at 8-15K USD and upwards (depending on scope/size) for the first/initial engagement

- User/event tracking and analytics (ongoing support): Starting at 5K USD/month (min. 3m engagement)


“I really appreciate that the team is proactive in working out and anticipating challenges. I value their collaboration and team effort which makes their work so effective. They genuinely understand their users & are very independent. Keep up the good work & keep motivating each other. Great team!”

“The team understood what was required & did a good job documenting everything. They grasped things quickly once we got started & kept things moving. They were very friendly, personable, detail-oriented & were all contributors to the project!”


Email us at or send us a msg on LinkedIn ( with the promo code Axioned-BTL.

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