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Olives & Heather

Olives & Heather is a marketing agency committed to serve, scale and grow innovation and impact organisations everywhere. Through holistic marketing strategies rooted in data-driven, brand storytelling, we can provide solutions for every need: from branding, to campaign management, to lead generation, to strategy consulting to public relations. Our team of talented marketeers are committed to delivering impressive results whilst contributing to digital job creation by cultivating a new generation of Palestinian marketeers.


CMO Consulting 10 session at $1000; Marketing Strategy starting at $2500; Branding starting at $1500


“Olives & Heather team embraced the concept of "Under the Olive Tree" and developed a comprehensive launch strategy. They assisted us in every step, from initiating the launch to nurturing the community's growth, managing email campaigns to recruit new members, and crafting informative newsletters to raise awareness about the initiative and more.” 

Lama Amr, BuildPalestine

“We've laid the foundation from which we can grow and really head into the future with a lot of confidence. I can’t recommend Olives & Heather strongly enough - their work is truly invaluable.”

Aisha Hamed, Fikra Magazine


Email us at using promo code BTL

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