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Narativ London

Story is how we make sense of the world. Neuroscience shows us it's a key part of how our brains function and consequently is the most impactful way to communicate with another human. At Narativ London we teach our distinct method to help you uncover, shape and tell the unique stories of your venture.  Harnessing your story will give you a powerful presence and an ability to connect when pitching, presenting and speaking to many different kinds of audiences, whether they be investors, government bodies, partners or clients. 

Narativ London has worked on numerous incubator programmes including the Design Council Spark Programme and Impact Hub; with the Fairtrade Foundation, Human Rights Watch and Ellen MacArthur Foundation; and with Disney, Novartis Pharmaceuticals and Medium amongst others.


Dan and Jane are genius at getting to the heart of our 'why'. I’ve lived it. Ironically - I thought I would be immune to it. I knew my 'why' (story telling through journalism) but they go deeper, fast, and unlock so much. I am not a gusher or prone to hyperbole. Do the class. It will undo you and unleash you.

Jenny Anderson. Journalist. Author.

Jane created such a safe space and was just brilliant!  Storytelling is definitely not my area of comfort and she really made me feel empowered and comfortable being involved.  Thank you. I am very much looking forward to the other work we will do with you.

Faye Ingram. Smile Mental Healthcare - Breakthrough Labs Pilot Participant

I had the opportunity and privilege to participate in a storytelling workshop with Narativ and I have to say it was inspirational because you felt you were learning something practical. What Dan and Jane bring to the workshop is pure energy and wisdom, you will feel comfortable and confident while stretching yourself in a way you don’t normally do. I came out with a lot more confidence and useful insights on how to become a better and wiser story teller.

Cesar Concepcion. Head of CEE Cluster, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

The real magic, is what happens afterwards - how this work finds a way into your everyday life both professionally and personally. It informs how you listen, how you tell a story, how you better understand emotion, empathy, your own body…. I cannot think of any industry sector that would not benefit from this important work.

Claudia Barwell. Suklaa Education

Dan and Jane are both passionate and engaging, have a warm and inclusive style that makes you feel that they genuinely care about the impact and the experience they leave you with.  This is a rare quality that is something to be applauded.

Kadisha Lewis-Roberts. European Head of L&D. SABMiller


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